As a Public Health Physician and an Adolescent Health Expert, I have been engaged in speaking to motivate, sensitize and train Adolescents and Young People, Parents, Health Workers, Community Leaders, Traditional Leaders, School Principals, Guidance and Counsellors and every other stakeholder involved in Adolescent Health since 2006.

I have been engaged to speak on various topics to promote adolescents’ and young people’s healthy growth and development. Furthermore, I get invitations for radio and television interviews to educate adolescents and young people, parents, teachers, and other caregivers to speak on topical issues affecting adolescents and young people and proffer solutions to help those having challenges. In 2017, I anchored and sponsored a radio program tagged “Time Out With Dr Yetty” for six months to help adolescents and young people lead productive lives despite their vulnerability.



  1. Raising successful children in today’s world– proven tips for parents on how to raise adolescents in the 21st century
  2. Knowing your teenagers– how parents can help their adolescents successfully navigate through adolescence
  3. Living the Best as an Adolescent– how to harness the potential of adolescents for productive societal impact
  4. Overcoming depression among young people– the exploration of the causes, risk factors and prevention of depression and suicide among adolescents and young people
  5. Possible partnerships in the health sector for schools and students’ development-how best the health sector can collaborate with the Ministry of Education and School Principals to promote the growth and development of adolescents in schools
  6. A healthy mind– tips on how adolescents and young people maintain a healthy mind
  7. Sexuality and Gender Equality- tips to maximize the potential of female adolescents despite gender inequality
  8. 21st Century smart ways of counselling Adolescents- productive tips for Guidance and Counsellors in high schools to better counsel adolescents

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