The webinar for parents was conceptualized to fill the knowledge gaps and build the skills of parents on effective parenting in the 21st century.

Evidence has shown that poor parenting due to the lack of adequate knowledge about the peculiarity of the period of adolescence is a significant cause of behavioural problems and an increase in the involvement in risky behaviours of adolescents and young people as obtained in our society today. The period of adolescence (10-19years) is the period of experimentation, representing the peak period of vulnerability in a man’s life. With technological advancement, adolescents’ vulnerability has further worsened and requires tact and highly effective parenting skills to successfully assist this vulnerable group in navigating this period.

So if you are a PARENT, who desires to LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN what you know about 21st-century parenting, then this webinar is for you.

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  1. Knowledge and skills on how to promote the healthy growth and development of your adolescents
  2. Experiencing sharing with other parents
  3. Clarity about grey areas during the question and answer sessions

Hear what some parents had to say about the program

Thank you very much for the very insightful and excellent work. Kindly invite me to the next episode; if permitted, I would like some of my friends to be part of it too. God bless you.

Mrs Elizabeth Njoku Chukwu

Kudos and big thanks for your expository and impactful zoom program. I am glad you added me. Hope to be part of the next class.

Mr Andy Adejube

Just listened to the recorded message. I salute and appreciate your wealth of knowledge and contributions to family/ adolescent development. You steered up the sleeping giant in me as per adolescent up-bringing. Thanks. God will strengthen and prosper you for the younger ones’ sake.

Mr Andy Adejube (after the second webinar)

Thank you very much for this wonderful lecture. We look forward to more of this engagement.

Mrs Wuraola Omoyeni