Things you can do now to OVERCOME life’s challenges!

I have yet to see where life decides to stop because you failed an international exam or 6years relationship broke up or because someone said you can’t be employed. One thing that is certain is that LIFE MOVES ON.

📍Challenges are enough to bring an individual into a depressed state. The shocking thing is that depression has become very rampant among young people in 21st century but unfortunately no one suspects until the victims commit suicide. If you live in Nigeria, you might probably have been used to youths talking about cash scarcity, no fuel and no job. This alone can make an individual persistently sad or loss interest in life activities.

📍However, the beginning of a turning point in my life started with the understanding that your choice is what determines the outcome of an unpalatable life experience. I have had to deal with a lot of crisis ranging from family to workplace but I realize that YOU are solely responsible for what happens in your life.

Overcoming life’s challenges starts with understanding these following truths that:

  • There is no gain without pain
  • Know that you are unique and have great potential to impact your generation positively, but you need to consciously put up a fight to control your thought process so that the star in you can emerge.
  • Your background is not a limitation to your glorious destiny.
  • Obstacles and difficulties are inevitable regardless of socio -economic, educational or religious status but our response to life’s challenges usually determines the outcome.

Life gives to you all you invest into it with your actions and inactions. I have been able to put together nine ways in my book Overcoming Depression to overcome Life challenges as a youth:

1) Be connected to a higher source of strength: Individuals who maintain a strong and genuine relationship with God -a higher source of strength – tend to overcome life challenges easily without breaking down or giving up on life. It is true that a supernatural strength is usually available to those who trust and commit all their worries to God’s hands during their moments of weakness.

2) Do not worry or stress over situations you cannot control: You must decide to break records with life challenges and not let life challenges break you. Never stress yourself over what you can’t control rather be more concerned about what you have control over. What causes mental instability is usually our perspective on life events; you must decide never to let life break you.

3) Accept your uniqueness: It is crucial to understand that you are different from others and everyone will face challenges from different phases of life. You must accept that you are unique and not an accident. Remember that the problems you undergo in life is unique to you for the ultimate aim of purpose fulfillment.

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I didn’t not just share my story, I also gave strategies and insights that helped me overcame all the pebbles life threw at me.


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