The 21st century mum is an embodiment of responsibilities as she is required to play multiple roles as a wife, a daughter, a daughter in-law, a mother, a worker, a sister, a friend etc.

She is required to play these roles with an expectation of achieving success in all the roles assigned to her by the society and by her own personal fulfillment and aspirations.

In the 19th and 20th century, only the man was sufficient to cater for all the needs of his children and wife but in the 21st century, the man alone may not be able to meet the needs of his family because of prevailing economic downturn experienced all over the world. It therefore becomes necessary and expedient for the woman to also contribute to the family’s purse so that the children can have quality life and be able to boast of quality education.

The multiple roles of women coupled with their genetic make-up therefore, naturally predispose them to stress and stress-related health conditions particularly psychological and emotional health conditions if not properly managed.

A woman is however expected to prioritize her contributions to these numerous responsibilities because it may be impossible to give equal attention to all her societal and personal tasks and obligations and still maintain a healthy life.

Prioritization of these tasks is rather daunting and so requires tact and skills.

Steps to follow when prioritizing your responsibilities as a MUM

1. List out all your roles and responsibilities as a woman

2. Pick each of your roles and consider all possible negative consequences if neglected. (the consequences should not be limited to the impact on yourself only but applied to both the present and the future, family, society and the nation at large)

3. Then the roles that have the highest negative consequences if neglected should be given the highest priority and attention.

4. Then consider redistributing your available time during the day so that the role that requires the highest attention is allotted the greatest time.

Based on my personal experience, I think if the above steps are appropriately followed, then I think the woman’s role as a mother should be given adequate attention and should be the first priority.

The neglect of the role of motherhood has ripple effects on her immediate family, the society and the nation at large. Therefore, I think it will fair if I conclude that one of the major causes of the moral decadence in our society today is the loss of cultural values and norms that were not transferred to the children due to lack of training by the parents especially the mum possibly because of non-availability. I am sure you are wondering why I am particular about the woman despite knowing that the man was also involved in bringing the children to life. Yes, I am fully aware of this fact but I will like to bring up this Yoruba adage that says the good child is for the father while the bad one is the mothers’. We need to accept the fact that we have more responsibilities as women on the children than our husband considering the discomfort and pain we endured during pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, nurturing etc. So naturally, a woman will have more joy when her children succeed because it is the reward for her hard labor.

So as a 21st century mum, you need to be responsible for your children.

20 Qualities of the 21st century MUM

1. Be a role model
2. Excellent communication skills especially listening skills
3. Trustworthy
4. Not judgmental
5. Patient
6. Prayerful
7. Availability
8. Friendly
9. Loving and Caring
10. Objective
11. Not partial
12. Identifying the uniqueness of each child
13. Supportive
14. Knowledgeable
15. Tenacious
16. Strong
17. Selfless
18. Integrity
19. Confidential
20. Positive attitude

To be continued……….

The qualities of the 21st century mum will be explored further in the May 2019 edition

Yetunde Olagbuji #dryettyspeaks#

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