I am sure you will be wondering what you should be responsible for as an adolescent considering how young and naive you are. You should be informed that your responsibilities to yourself, your family and the society at large are quite enormous and the earlier you realize your roles and responsibilities in the building of yourself, the faster you will arrive at your destination and impact your generation.

The quality of time you spend on self-discovery and development will determine how colorful your future will be as well as influence those you will attract and those who will be attracted to you. Never hide under self-pity to blame anyone or your circumstance for your predicament because you are solely responsible for your life. I will also like to shock you by
saying that ignorance is no excuse for failure because you are also responsible for seeking the right knowledge and wisdom to apply per time.

You are the best gatekeeper of your life and no one can ever do this better than you regardless of how caring or concerned they are. You are expected to be able to discover your passion, likes, dislikes, weaknesses, strengths etc so that you can appropriately plan to engage in self-development.

Every time spent on self discovery, self-development and self evaluation is never a waste but its best described as seeds sown into the future. Of course, different seeds have varying harvest time but there is an assurance that as long as good seeds are sown on equally good and fertile ground, then harvest is inevitable. In essence as a young person, you need to be consistent and never get tired of self investment; keep sowing good seeds into your future so that you can reap greatness, prosperity and above all self-actualization and fulfillment.

Yetunde Olagbuji.
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