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The word “TIME” is a unique individual factor that varies with identities and destinies. The common general description of time is that it waits for no one and that the time wasted in life can never be regained.

However, looking critically at time, everyone decides in life what he or she wants to spend time on. It is also critical to note that our journeys through life differ with varied starting and finishing points.

Focus is therefore essential to be sure you arrive at your final destination while going at your pace.

A consistent movement in the right direction is an inevitable means of arriving at your final destination. So never be stagnated or give up on your dream but always strive to keep moving regardless of how slow you may be.

As an adolescent, do you think you are properly positioned to determine and manage effectively the time of your life?

Determination of the journey of your life is the first skill you need to acquire and that is termed PURPOSE. The second leg of timing in this context is TIME Management.

Managing time is a skill that every adolescent should develop because time is easily wasted if not consciously managed. A self-evaluation process is required to review personal time management.


Self- evaluation questions to assess how effectively you are managing your time:

  1. Have I determined my purpose in life?
  2. How am I using my time?
  3. Am I using my time to advance my purpose?
  4. Who are the wasters of time around me?
  5. Am I using another man’s time as a standard to set my own time?
  6. Do I need to reset the time of my life to achieve purpose in life?
  7. Do I need to improve on daily management of my time?
  8. How do I improve on the daily management of my time?

It is expedient that time is used to enhance the fulfillment of identified dreams/goals which are products of purpose.

Therefore discovery of purpose in life is basic and the foundation of self-development.
Consistent sowing of your time in productive things in line with set goals will also definitely germinate into a big tree of self-fulfillment and impact if you do not give up on your dream.



Points to note to manage time wisely:
• Always start your day by having “a to do list” which must follow a personal work plan for the achievement of your set goals.

• Be conscious of the fact that time is running out and it waits for no man.

• It is never too late to correct your wrongs.
• Delist friends who help you to waste your time.
• Spend your time wisely to achieve your set goals.

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