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Decision making is a very important activity every human engages in on a daily basis.

Decision making can occur as frequently as every minute of the day because there are usually two choices for every action and interestingly living life itself is a choice.

On a daily basis, every individual is faced with the basic decision of when to wake up, what to eat, when to eat, what work to do, who to have as friends, when to sleep, etc.

Some of the basic/ minor decisions are very easy to make while some major decisions may be somewhat difficult such as who to marry, which career to undertake, which business to do? etc.

Categorization of major and minor decisions varies based on the age of the decision maker, the level of mental development and prior experience in life etc. The consequences of taking minor decisions may not be as grave as that of major decisions which can make or mar the decision maker. However, any decision made should be targeted at achieving individual set goals and objectives.

There is a tripartite relationship between purpose, goal setting and decision making.


A person who does not know what he/she is living for is not fit to live therefore; it is expedient that everybody should have a purpose for living which ultimately should influence set goals and eventually determine the decisions made.

Before the period of adolescence, parents largely make decisions for their children but roles of the parents should change to providing guidance when the children attain adolescent hood (10-19 years).

The adolescent period (10-19 years) should be a planning, preparatory and discovery phase where purposes for existence should be discovered.

The parents should guide their children to discover their purpose by helping them to identify their flare and passions. Likewise, the parents should provide the right information for their children and guide them to make right decisions. Adolescents should not be coerced by their parents into making decisions particularly career related choices. Evidences have shown that children who were forced to undertake preferred career choices of their parents most often than not, remain unfulfilled. On the other hand, the children who are keen on achieving purpose and their life fulfillment jettison the career choices of their parents and take on the careers of their interest. However, most children who tow this path always run at logger heads with their parents to achieve their dream.

Mandatory actions to be taken before making decisions (especially major decisions)

  1. Set achievable goals for the future.
  2. Get knowledge/Be vast- Research about the action to be taken (the pros and cons etc)
  3. Consider the consequences of your actions in relation to the achievement of your set goals
  4. Learn from the right mentors or older confidants and be guided by their experiences
  5. Choose your friends wisely: The choice of your friends should be influenced by your personal values and goals.

In conclusion, as an adolescent, you need to always look carefully before you leap because the decisions you make today will determine your tomorrow.

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