The mind is a factory where dreams are manufactured.

Dreams are birthed, nurtured and realized in the womb of the mind long before the physical manifestations of the dream.

The future of any man is determined by his thoughts and views about him/herself. No man can ever live above the thoughts in his/her heart because whatever a man can conceive in his mind, he can surely achieve.

So as an adolescent, do you engage your mind to think productively or your thoughts are destructive? The mind is never a vacuum; it must always be filled with either positive or negative thoughts.
You therefore need to take responsibility for what you think about and your thought process.

You need to fill your mind with edifying information that will lead and guide you to your expected glorious end.

All information you feed yourself with grows as seeds in your mind and germinates whenever they are matured.
You must have a mental picture of your future early enough as this will guide the information you feed your mind with.

Greatness is not an accidental occurrence but a product of hard work, however, the first step on the journey of greatness starts in the mind.

Unedifying information and pictures promoting wrong morals and values such as nudity as seen in pornography should be avoided by every adolescent because the fruits to be borne by these seeds are usually counterproductive to any glorious end.

Adolescents by nature because of their growth and developmental changes love to experiment with new ideas, therefore, unedifying information and images will increase the risk and dangers they are prone to which usually are laid with grave consequences.

Information are usually imprinted in the mind as pictures and replayed severally until an action is taken. If the action is not interrupted or stopped, an habit will be cultivated and thereafter, a lifestyle will be formed.

If you can control the information you feed your mind with, then you can control your life.

Strive to always feed your mind with POSITIVE THOUGHTS and believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to achieve.

Remember that DETERMINATION AND MOTIVATION are products of a strong mind.

Summarily as an adolescent, you need to consciously purify your thoughts, sieve all information your mind feeds on and guard your heart/mind conscientiously and jealously having the full picture of your desired end in mind.

Also, remember that you are responsible solely for your FUTURE, so pay attention to how you live TODAY but only learn lessons from your YESTERDAY.

Great works are products of deep thoughts. So get busy and engage your mind rightly and constructively.


As an adolescent, are you pre-occupied with thoughts that will propel you to greatness or destruction?

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