Raising your head up as an Adolescent/Teenager

Raising your head up as an Adolescent/Teenager

As a teenager, the developmental changes that occur rapidly in you usually predispose you to having inferior complex particularly when you grow up in an unfavorable environment where words of encouragement are a taboo or are sparingly given.

Every great individual has failed at least once in their lives but what determined their bouncing back to success was their ability to see positivity in negativity.

Everyone has a choice in life to either view their achievements in life as a “half-empty” container or a “half-filled” one.

A person aiming for the sky/greatness usually carries along a positive and merry heart and so views his achievements in life as a half-filled container.

Raising your head up in order to maintain your self-esteem as an adolescent (10-19 years) requires a lot of hard work because it is a battle of the mind.

Self-confidence is so significant to your success and greatness in life.

Never underestimate your abilities but always arm yourself with the “I CAN” mentality.

You need to capitalize on your strengths and work on your weaknesses and bad habits so as to arrive at your desired end.

Let your mind be transformed always by positive encouraging words which you are solely responsible for and never expect encouraging words to come from any other person.

Count it a great privilege when others encourage you and never shift this responsibility to them but always remember that you are the author of your story to greatness in life.

You need to appreciate yourself in every ramification which includes your looks, your origin, background, family, your achievements, your successes, your failures etc.

Do not allow any human being to bring you down or kill your self-confidence or esteem but always look at the bright side of life.

Remember that people’s opinion about you doesn’t really matter, what matters is your opinion about yourself.

Strive to do the right things always, set good values you will be known for and develop your skills in the area of your goals and aspirations.

Know the reason for your existence, conceptualize your purpose on earth as a dream and pursue it wholeheartedly.
Remain focused on your dream always, embrace hard work and diligence.

Know that whatever you can conceive in the womb of your mind, you WILL definitely ACHIEVE IT.

You also need to rewrite the story of your life if it is not going to lead you to greatness.

Ask yourself if you are truly on your way to greatness or you are already distracted by bad habits such as drug and substance abuse, sexually transmitted infection including HIV/AIDs, teenage pregnancy etc.

Start a new chapter today by discovering the reason for your existence.

Everyone was born uniquely for specific purposes and so YOU ARE NOT AN EXCEPTION.

For your greatness not to be denied henceforth, you only need to undergo a process called SELF-EVALUATION to discover who you truly are and what you are passionate about.

Then set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-oriented and Time-bound) goals, think critically of the decisions you make in line with your set goals, develop your life building and resilience skills and pursue your dreams.

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