Success tips for Teenagers/Young People

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General tips for a successful life

 As a young person, you need to understand that you were uniquely created by your maker as either male or female.

 Have a life expectation and never stop dreaming about where you hope to be in the future.

 You need to also understand that you will be responsible for all your choices in life.

Desist from any action that you are not convinced will lead to the actualization of your dreams.

You need to develop your resilience or life building skills to successfully wade through the tides of adolescent hood.

 Identify a mentor you can stand on their shoulders because greater giants are made when they stand on the shoulders of known giants.

 When you want to scale a wall of challenge in life such as writing of exams, build your self-confidence by having an “I CAN” mentality and affirming that those who have previously scaled the same wall are not superior to you.

 Always delay gratification and comport yourself modestly in public and in your privacy.

 Remember that failure is not a person but just an event in life. Don’t be held down by your past failures, learn the lessons and move on.

 Never give up on life, because the harder you try, the brighter your sun will be.

 Patience is a virtue you need to always take along with you on the journey of life.

 Hard work and diligence are very important success ingredients in life but the grace of God which is more superior will give a meaning to your hard work.

 Develop yourself in line with your dreams and aspirations so as to boost your self-esteem.

 Take along with you self-control as you journey through the period of adolescent hood so that you don’t accidentally miss your way to greatness.

 Self-evaluation is one of the great keys to success because it gives you the opportunity to identify and correct wrong doings promptly.

Tips on your sexuality

 Your body is precious and so should be treasured and well taken care of. This usually is achieved by taking your bath and brushing your teeth regularly, having good dress sense that will always boost your personality and self-confidence.

 As a young girl, menstruation which is the cyclical shedding of blood will begin between the ages of 8 and 13 years. Menstruation is a sign your body gives to show that you are productive and so at this time having sexual intercourse with a male may result in pregnancy. Maintaining good menstrual hygiene during the period of your flow usually between 3 to 7 days becomes very necessary to prevent body odour and undue public embarrassment.

 As a young boy, wet dream which is the nocturnal release of sperm will commence between the ages of 12 to 17 years. It is your body sign signifying fertility as you are also capable of impregnating a woman.

 Having sexual drive as a young person is normal but yielding irrationally to it without recourse to your goals and aspirations in life will be catastrophic, destructive and suicidal.

 Unwanted teenage pregnancy is a major distraction and spoiler of a glorious future; don’t be caught in its web.

 Sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDs are very common among young people. Young people aged 15 to 24 years acquire half of all new sexually transmitted infections and 25% of the sexually active adolescent females have sexually transmitted infections (CDC, 2016). So desist from unprotected sex because of the grave consequences of STIs such as infertility and death.

 Drug abuse is also a terrible social menace set as a trap to sink giants in their youths and to abort great dreams; avoid it like serpent.

 Be informed as a young person that you have sexual and reproductive health rights. Don’t be a victim of sexual abuse and molestation. SPEAK OUT ON TIME.

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