This question goes a long way in the development of a wholesome youth.

Values are deeply held beliefs that guide our behaviors and decisions. They reside deeply within the
subconscious and tightly integrated into the fabric of
everyday living. Values are principles that help you to decide what is right and wrong, and how to act in various situations. A life that is based on a personal code of values brings meaning, purpose and direction to living. Hence, Your values should:
✨ set you apart.
✨ be defined.
✨ represent who you are (or want to be) at your best.
✨ guide you.

You can identify your unique values by:
1) Making a list of things very important in your life- so important that you won’t be happy without them.
Your first draft may be long but will be narrowed
down on subsequent steps.
2) Revisit each value you listed and identify why you listed it, what is it about this value that causes you to believe it’s one of your core values? Do you need it in your life to be happy? Without it would life seem intolerable? If there’s any doubt, strike it out.
3) Repeat this process until you have a short list describing what you need for life to be meaningful and fulfilling.
4) After writing your values, measure your current roles against the values list. The reason for this is to maximize alignment with your values. Does a
particular role conflict with your values? Values conflict cause life dissatisfaction, high levels of stress
and frustration and the feeling of being
overwhelmed and out of balance. Ask yourself, what aspect of this role presents the conflict? What can be changed to reduce or eliminate the conflict?

After you have identified your values, you need to learn certain tips to live in alignment with your values:
1) Constantly check your mindset- How do you show up everyday?
You can positively influence those around you and your own mental well-being by leaning in on your discovered values then establish a mindset to live up to them so as to support your personal growth and help you feel more aligned.
2) Beware of how you treat others:
Your behavior reflect your core values. When faced with challenging situations, how do you respond? Work on building your self-awareness and this will build the values you have listed.
3) Set growth goals:
When you set goals based on a set of values, you’ll feel more motivated to achieve them.

In conclusion, It is good for everyone especially adolescents to have
clear values so as not to be easily influenced by their peers and the society and this will result into empowerment
towards the fulfillment of dreams.

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