STOP TO THINK: Delay may be profitable

Hurray, another Valentine’s day is here again. February 14 is a day designated for the celebration of romantic love and friendships.

On this day, lovers exchange cards, messages, gifts, and they equally go on dinner dates and include other activities as they deem fit. The red colour, which is the symbol of love is usually the preferred colour for the celebration.

Usually, every girl or woman wants to receive gifts, visit special and lovely places on Valentine’s day, and generally feel loved.

In an attempt to feel loved on this lovers’ day, young people aged 10-24 years have been initiated into activities they never bargained for, which negatively affected their future.

Overwhelming evidence shows that a high percentage of teenagers (16-19 years) plan to lose their virginity on this auspicious day to boost their self-image.

On the other hand, teenage girls who have no one they are dating on valentine’s day feel worthless and develop low self-esteem because of the feeling that no one loves them.

What you need to remember as a young person on Valentine’s day

You are beautifully and exceptionally fashioned by God.
Your joy is not dependent on another but on yourself. So create happiness/joy around yourself on Valentine’s day by hanging out with trusted friends and families who will respect and not violate your rights.
Sex is not synonymous with love. Men are comfortable having sex without any form of affection because they are stimulated by what they see. So girls and ladies, do not be deceived by thinking it is LOVE when he demands sex.
You need to LOVE yourself because no one can love you like yourself.
Loving yourself entails celebrating yourself always, being confident about your abilities, having a good self-image, and having plans and goals you wish to accomplish in the future.
Be guided by your personal goals, which will ultimately have a great recompense of reward and not lured by temporary things (such as gifts, a plate of food or money etc.)that will only provide you with short-term pleasures with grave consequences.
Do not be ashamed of yourself and do not let your self-esteem diminish when you say NO to wrong doings such as smoking, drug abuse, sexual activity and other social vices, but rather be proud of yourself. A great and immeasurable reward is always linked to making the right choices.
If you have no friend or family to celebrate Valentine’s day with, spend time with yourself and STAY HAPPY.
Be contented with whatever you have. Being content is a great virtue because it preserves your future and saves you from danger.
Think about the consequences of your action on your future before undertaking any task.

There are grave consequences associated with having unprotected sex, and these include :

1. Medical conditions
• Unwanted pregnancy and related complications, such as anaemia, malaria in pregnancy, obstructed labour etc.
• Abortion and associated problems such as infertility, loss of vital organs such as the womb if improperly done, death
• Sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis B infection, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Syphilis etc.
• Psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety disorder, drug abuse due to rejection by loved ones

Socio-economic conditions
• Drop-out of school
• Rejection by loved ones
• Poverty

Food for thought:

Rather than jeopardize your future because of a plate of food, teddy bear, a piece of cake, money and other gift items, why don’t you STOP TO THINK?.

It may be wiser, after all, to exercise self-control and delay gratification.


By Yetunde Olagbuji

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