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A person who wishes to live a life of impact should periodically ask him/herself how he/she is faring about meeting set targets or goals or if he/she is on track to fulfill purpose in life.

Distractions and peer pressure are the realities of life and one must consistently stop to check if one is still on course on the journey of life.

Being successful in life or having an impactful life requires a deliberate attempt to stay focused despite numerous distractions or obstacles. Life must be lived deliberately because no one accidentally becomes great, unless through a very short-lived diabolical influence or corruption.

Self-evaluation is a process of critically reviewing your activities to ascertain if you are on the right track to achieving your set targets/goals in life. You are only able to evaluate your progress if you have a vision with set goals.

What do you evaluate about yourself?

Your associations
Your behavior or lifestyle
Set targets/goals
Attitude to life and work

Your associations

Your associations refer to the friends you keep. Friendship or relationship is one of the greatest influencers required for the fulfillment of purpose.

Your association can either be a blessing or a curse, so you need to be extremely careful about who you choose as friends.

To reach a final destination of greatness in life, you should be determined to separate from any relationship or friendship that does not add to your values but rather reduces them.

Friends can act as positive influencers, negative influencers as well as destiny helpers or killers. So, endeavor to categorize your friends periodically to guide your relationship with everyone.

Categories of friends

a. Confidants: these are the best kind of friends anyone could wish for. They are with you not for any material benefits but only interested in your progress. They are always willing to make sacrifices and they lovingly and constructively appraise you to bring out the best.

b. Constituents: These are friends who are with you because you are pursuing a similar destination but they choose to leave you anytime they find there is another person who is on a faster lane to the same destination.

c. Comrades: These are friends who flock around you because you have a common enemy and they only remain with you until the enemy is conquered.

d. Commanders: These are friends who are with you because of material gain and you are considered important for them to achieve their dreams. They leave you immediately there is a better replacement.

Identify your confidants and keep them very close to you because you will need them to climb mountains, descend into the valleys as well as cross the hurdles of life. They will also be very useful in the self-evaluation process by helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Your behavior or lifestyle

You also need to periodically examine your behavior and lifestyle. An action of yours today if repeated consistently becomes a habit and later becomes your character or lifestyle.

Your character today is so important to your future as it a complementary virtue to greatness. Intelligence without character is suicidal because character will give you what your intelligence may never give you.

Qualities of good character acceptable to any society:

a. Humility
b. Meekness
c. Kindness
d. Respect for others
e. Integrity
f. Goodness
g. Firmness
h. Reliability
i. Obedience to constituted authority
j. Peace-loving
k. Self-control over your appetite and your emotions

As a young person, you need to check yourself to be sure you have a good character. If you are not opportune to have a good guardian or parent to train you, then take up the responsibility to teach yourself what you don’t know because ignorance is no excuse for failure.

To be continued………..

Dr. Yetunde Olagbuji

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